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Planning a Kitchen Renovation - Our Expert Advice | Kuechen Harmonie

June 28, 2018

4 Myths About Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovation

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Re-designing your kitchen can be an incredibly daunting thought, which isn’t helped by the many myths that surround kitchen renovation! With help from the right kitchens Glasgow based team, your process of planning a kitchen renovation can be much smoother!

We have helped lots of different people to achieve their kitchen design dreams! With some guidance and effective planning, your kitchen renovation will be completed to the highest standard.

4 Planning a Kitchen Renovation Myths from Kuechen Harmonie

planning a kitchen renovation

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1. Kitchen Renovation is too Expensive

Many people just assume that remodelling their kitchen would be too expensive, without doing the research. However, there are lots of quality and affordable renovation options that aren’t a compromise! If money is a worry, it is worthwhile to look into using recycled materials for cabinets or flooring. Also, think about sustainable light fitting alternatives!

2. You Don’t Need a Designer

Another misconception we often come across when talking to clients is the that you don’t need a designer when undergoing a kitchen renovation. Though some projects can be completed without a designer, having a qualified and reliable guide throughout can relieve stress! During a kitchen renovation, your lifestyle is likely to change rapidly – a kitchen designer will be there with a plan and support at each stage.

3. It’s Okay to Cut Corners to Save Money

There is often the impression that if you don’t have a kitchen designer, it is alright to cut some corners during the renovation. Renovation is not the same as putting together flat pack furniture, it requires a plan and experience! Therefore, it is essential that money is spent where needed. It isn’t beneficial in the long run to find quick-fix solutions to building problems, just to avoid costs.

4. You Have to Follow the Trends

Finally, there is a lot of people who have the opinion that kitchen design should follow trends. This is wrong! At Kuechen Harmonie we encourage our clients to opt for designs, flooring, fittings and appliances that they like. The whole point of a kitchen renovation is to create a kitchen influenced by your personal tastes and style.

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