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Functional Kitchen - Kitchen Design Tips | Kuechen Harmonie

February 19, 2019

Tips for Creating a Highly Functional Kitchen

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Struggling to design a functional kitchen? As the heart of the home, it can be difficult to create a space which suits your tastes, serves as a destination for socialising and meal preparation all at the time same. The kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie can help to design your dream kitchen which meets all your requirements!

How to Design a Functional Kitchen – Tips from Kuechen Harmonie

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Listen to our experts for functional kitchen design tips!


Homes with open plan layouts tend to be designed through the modern method of ‘zoning.’ Zoning breaks the room into different areas, creating a space which works for all purposes.

There are 5 zones;

    Consumables – area used to store food. This can then also be split into 2 separate zones for fresh food and dry food storage.
    Non-consumables – the area used to store dishes, plates, glasses, cutlery etc. used on a daily basis.
    Cleaning – the area where the sink or dishwasher is.
    Preparation – the area where the meal/food preparation takes place i.e a stretch of worktop or a kitchen island.
    Cooking – the area of the kitchen where the hob, oven, microwave etc. is.

Though this method of design doesn’t work for every kitchen, it’s a good place to start from if you’re finding it hard to define a layout during the planning stage of the design process.

Sight Lines

Another way designers go about creating a truly functional kitchen is by using sight lines. Sightlines are hypothetical lines from your eye to what is displayed in front of you, used in interior design to make spaces look as visually pleasing as possible. Ultimately, the use of sight lines ensures that key points and entrances in a kitchen are kept clear in order for the room to appear more spacious and light. Basing your new kitchen layout from this perspective it will be easier to decide on where elements of your kitchen should be placed and where they shouldn’t. And so, helping you make the most of your room on a visual and functional basis.

Consider an L-Shaped Design

Finally, L-shaped kitchen designs are very popular when it comes to improving functionality. Effective for maintaining sociability as well as a high level of functionality, an l-shaped design is versatile and so, can be installed for medium and small sized rooms. If you do have a smaller kitchen, take a look at our last post! Depending on space, the design of an l-shaped kitchen can work best when there is a central kitchen island. Of course, the team from Kuechen Harmonie will help you decide on the most appropriate layout for your needs.

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