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February 6, 2019

3 Ways to Make a Feature of a Kitchen Bay Window

kitchen with bay window

Struggling with your kitchen bay window? At Kuechen Harmonie we strive to make the most of all kitchen spaces. We believe you should make a feature of those aspects of the room you struggle to incorporate! Trust the kitchens Glasgow based experts when looking to make the most of your bay window.

How to Make a Feature of your Kitchen with a Bay Window – tips from Kuechen Harmonie

kitchen bay window

Improve your space with help from Kuechen Harmonie.


As we mentioned in our last post bay windows make all the difference if you want to create a kitchen nook! The combination of a deep seating area, natural light and the addition of soft furnishings will help you create a nook where everyone will want to congregate. If you have the space, you can customise your bay window with extended seating and design a bespoke table to fit uniquely within the space.


Another way you can effectively make use of a bay window in a kitchen is by using the space for storage. Though maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing way of incorporating a bay window, adding storage makes great use of the deep window sills that a bay windows offer. Of course, you will need to take into account that your view and flow of natural light will be hindered by the storage, but if you design the space correctly it won’t affect it that much.

You can place anything on a bay window sill! However, we believe that adding flowers is a great idea. This way your bouquet will soak up as much sunlight as it needs, flourishing and adding something special to your room. A bay window is also a great place to store and grow herbs!

Soft Furnishings

The easiest way we encourage you to make the most of a bay window in a kitchen is by investing in some great quality soft furnishings. Choose curtains that compliment the whole room. If you are using the bay window to create a nook, ensure that the cushions and throws you find are all complimentary. As far as the colour scheme goes, go for something that will only accentuate the existing area – not close it off. Though you want the space to be cosy, ensure that you aren’t going too far and making the kitchen darker.

Make the most of any special feature in your home with help from Kuechen Harmonie.