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Outdoor Cooking Station Ideas - Outdoor Kitchens | Kuechen Harmonie

April 16, 2019

How to Make the Most of an Outdoor Cooking Area

outdoor cooking station ideas

Looking for outdoor cooking station ideas? Kuechen Harmonie are experts when it comes to providing advice for all aspects of kitchen design. We understand how to transform kitchen environments of all sizes, styles and locations. We guarantee that you can trust the guidance of the kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie when designing your dream kitchen.

Following on from our previous post, in which we provided tips for general outdoor kitchen design, in this post we are going to help you make the most of a cooking station!

Outdoor Cooking Station Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie

barbecue station kitchen

Make the most of your outdoor kitchen space with help from Kuechen Harmonie.

Food Preparation Station

Is your outdoor cooking station just going to be used for cooking alone? Have you considered food prep? Of course if you have an open plan kitchen with instant access to your garden, there may be no need for a food prep station – however, if you don’t have access to your outdoor cooking area from your kitchen you should definitely consider a food prep space for the benefit of functionality. Make sure to account for space, location and food hygiene when it comes it’s design.

Preferred Cooking Equipment

Of course, when designing a cooking station, it is important to think about what your preferred cooking apparatus is! When creating your dream space make sure you think about all options. Have you always wanted a pizza oven? Now could be the time! Or, would you like to keep it more traditional with a barbecue or grill, there are so many different options to consider. If you have the space, why not combine them all?


Finally, have you thought about your outdoor dining facilities? Do you currently have a set up that works on a practical and aesthetic basis? There are so many options on the market when it comes to garden dining furniture. Make sure you think about the materials the furniture is made from and how it will wear and cope with outdoor elements. And also, ensure the location for the dining area is accessible! In the upcoming summer months, make sure you’re enjoying your cooking station as much as possible with a comfortable, sheltered dining and entertaining area.

Rely Kuechen Harmonie to design a kitchen space completely unique to your requirements.