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Outdoor Kitchen Designs - Create the Perfect Space | Kuechen Harmonie

April 8, 2019

Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Design

outdoor kitchen designs

Preparing your outdoor entertaining area for the upcoming summer months? Kuechen Harmonie are experts when it comes to creating bespoke,luxury indoor and outdoor kitchen designs.

We understand that planning the perfect summer outdoor kitchen space in Scotland can be challenging. Don’t become stressed by the thought of making a weather conscious, stylish and functional outdoor entertaining area! If you feel overwhelmed, turn to our kitchens Glasgow based team for help.

Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

kitchen design experts

Turn to Kuechen Harmonie for all your kitchen design needs this Spring/Summer.

Temporary or Permanent?

Are you looking for a permanent or portable design? To cater to Scotland’s unpredictable climate, most households opt for something portable when it comes to outdoor kitchen designs. If you are looking into a permanent kitchen station option, make sure it is fitted under a shelter! An outdoor kitchen exposed to Scottish weather definitely won’t wear well. Again, if you are thinking of designing a permanent kitchen, we would recommend it to be located directly outside your current dining area via french doors. This will ensure that you make use of the space, even in the months with turbulent weather conditions. If you are planning a portable space that you can make use of when you feel like it, there are so many options! From cooking stations to dining and heating, when it comes to portable outdoor kitchen design and Kuechen Harmonie; you’ll never be stuck for ideas!

Purpose of the Space

Another essential aspect of designing your dream kitchen space outdoors is making sure the purpose of it is clear. Do you want somewhere to relax during the day and night? Somewhere to cook, drink and entertain guests? Or, simply a space to socialise at all times, on any occasion. Multi-functioning, bespoke designs are what Kuechen Harmonie specialises in. So, if you would like to combine many different design and style elements and maintain a high level of practicality, we can guide you through the process.


Of course, the final tip is to make sure you choose materials, appliances and furniture that will be easy to maintain and suitable for outdoor use. There’s no point in designing an outdoor kitchen which is completely impractical. Make sure you are making decisions with sustainability and durability in mind.

As we mentioned in our last post, we think every household should have the opportunity to make the most of their kitchen! This is why we are always offering up advice to cover a range of aspects included in kitchen design.

Trust Kuechen Harmonie when change up any kind kitchen space.