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Small Functional Kitchens - Kitchen Design Tips | Kuechen Harmonie

February 12, 2019

How to Design a Small Functional Kitchen

small functional kitchens

Looking for ideas for designing small functional kitchens? Kuechen Harmonie can help you create the space of your dreams; meeting your needs on both a stylistic and functional basis. Not only are we passionate about quality German design, but we’re also passionate about making sure we’re meeting every requirement of clients.

After an initial consultation, every element of your kitchen design will be considered and designed with your specific needs in mind. Throughout each project we undertake and complete, the Kuechen Harmonie kitchens Glasgow based team will prioritise your interests and are always prepared to take on board new ideas!

small functional kitchen

Rely on Kuechen Harmonie for quality small functional kitchens design!

How to Create Small Functional Kitchens – Tips from Kuechen Harmonie

New Places for Appliances

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the place you put the washing machine and tumble dryer in a home! If you’re compromised for space, consider finding another location for your larger appliances. Many people choose to relocate their freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers. Often putting them in places like under the stairs, back porches, and most commonly in garages. Also, don’t think that moving these appliances will hinder the functionality of your life. You’re just making minor changes that you will definitely become accustomed to.

Space into Storage

As we mentioned in our last post, there is always the opportunity to create additional storage in any area of your kitchen. Small functional kitchens rely on the clever use of space – if you’re afraid of being creative with your storage then you won’t make the most of your current kitchen!

So, identify areas of wasted space. Does your kitchen have any unused corners or window sills? Are there gaps in the shelves? To help you make the most of your storage, think about investing in drawer divider. These can help to keep a range of kitchenware items tidy. And, re-access your open shelving! Compact containers can be used to store cupboard foods while also keeping herbs and condiments fresh.

Lighten Up

Finally, make the space light and vibrant. It is often the case that smaller kitchens are limited with light flow. Therefore, as kitchen designers, we need to be very conscious of what materials and colours are used and where we place certain elements. Make sure that the fixtures, fittings and furnishings of your more compact space are lighter in tone, making for a more open and airy kitchen!

Trust Kuechen Harmonie for experienced and quality kitchen design.